The Importance of Telling Stories in Improv Comedy

Telling stories is what all people are naturally inclined to do. People communicate by telling stories to themselves and others. Stories are what gets attention in the media. They are one of the reasons why media sites need quality SEO hosting, such as the one you can see if you click here and learn more about it. Most of the TV shows, books, plays, and movies are nothing else but prepackaged stories.

One of the possible explanations for this is that collaboration is in the nature of humans, which is one of the reasons why humans gradually developed a language. In the minds of people, most sequences of events turn themselves into stories, which is how stories became a way for people to communicate with each other. For example, if you like to watch movies, you can probably describe them briefly and your descriptions are going to be short stories. Even when important or outstanding events occur, people start looking for causes and effects that allow them to turn the description of an event into a story.

The point of this description is that stories are not social constructs. They exist in all cultures and the fundamentals of stories are the same. Stories are one of the most important reasons why people come to the theatre. This is what is critically important to understand if you want to learn improv comedy. Theather and comedy would not exist without stories. When someone appears on stage, be it in a comedy or some other performance, viewers immediately start asking questions in their minds that would allow them to create a story out of what is happening. Who is this person? What is he doing there? What is his or her mood? Will he or she be meeting others and interacting with them?

The art of improv comedy is to satisfy the hunger for stories in a unique, memorable and funny way by creating stories on the spot.