The main objective of this site is to talk about improvisational comedy and the effects on the comedy community.

What is improvisational comedy and who are the practitioners of this elusive and often misunderstood yet invariable respected form of entertainment?

While “improv” has been around since the first time one caveman tried to make another caveman or cavewoman laugh, it was probably not understood as it is today, or at the very least was not recognised as a separate form of comedy like it appears to be obvious in the present day.

In fact up until a certain point in history all comedy, by necessity, was improvisational.

It was not until someone decided to write out the comedy routine that they and their fellow comedians would be following that there was something other than “improv”.

In the days of the Court Jester, improv was basically all there was.

Someone got up and did or said funny things to make everyone laugh off the cuff or on the spur of the moment.

That is the true essence of improv comedy. Nobody knows what they are going to say or do until the moment strikes and then they perform based on what pops into their head at the time rather than planning everything they are going to say and do to get a laugh.

These pages will cover the history of improvisation and some of the most recognisable performers of this incredibly demanding form of comedy.

After reading you will know the who’s, how’s and why’s of improv comedy from start to finish!